Over the 16 years SHOUTcast existed a lot of scripts were written to interact with it. That is why we have implemented their API into Cast so you can keep using those.

SHOUTcast v1

We have implemented the old 7.htmlpage to Cast to even support the oldest scripts out there. If you don't know what these values mean we suggest to move on and use a more modern API.

SHOUTcast v2

We have added the most used API calls from SHOUTcast v2.5. If you want us to implement any one we missed feel free to create an Issue in GitHub. The ?sid= query is supported on all the APIs, you can either leave it out and use the primary stream or enter the name of the stream. Using the SID number is also possible.

/currentsong shows the current song playing.
/statistics shows the publicly available statistics, ?json=1 is also supported

/admin.cgi can be used to access the private info of the Cast server as would via SHOUTcast. Please note that this is only for API use so no interface will be showed.
The mode can be either viewxml or viewjson depending on the format you like.
The page can be either 1,3 or 4.
1 is showing the statistics, 3 the listeners and 4 the song history.

More info can be found in the SHOUTcast documentation